Recycling -What’s New? 🌎🗑♻️

Our Green Committee will be visiting all classes over the next few weeks to educate everybody on the new recycling guidelines that have been in place since January.

For your own information below we’ve listed what  is acceptable for recycling and also what you can’t anymore but if you are unsure about anything please ask us . Our recycling waste in Beaufort at the moment is 100 % contaminated and we would like to turn that completely to 100% recyclable. We have all the resources to recycle correctly and we have our own compost facility so it’s a shame it’s not working for us. From now on the green bins will be covered to make sure people think before they use them.
Green / Recycling Bins: Paper, Cardboard, Dry Tetra Pack containers, dry cans or yogurt pots, hard and dry plastic containers like the ones from the shop. Always make sure items are clean and dry.
Compost: All plant based food , bread, crackers and tissues (but only if you’ve used them to clean food). 
General: what you previously threw into general waste. NEW –  any soft plastic (if you can scrunch it up easily in your hand and it can open up) for example: crisp/popcorn/ sweet packets, tinfoil, clingfilm . 
What about meat and cheese?
In Beaufort all meat and cheese or dairy should go into general waste because we have our own compost area. But at home, if you have a brown bin you can include all food.
Take Away Coffee Cups?
The coffee cups we pick up in coffee shops are generally not recyclable. There is a plastic film on them that we are not recycling anymore in Ireland. However a lot of businesses are evolving with the new national recycling list and  some places have takeaway  coffee cups that can be composted like in Airfield. Some of you may have read that in the Dáil during the week they changed over to recyclable takeaway coffee cups. Of course the best option is to have your own reusable cup. There’s a new burger place open near me where all the packaging is compostable. So the culture is changing and we can keep up with it too by making some changes.
This might seem confusing at first but actually it is fine once you get used too it. Just keep asking us.
The Green Committee have a plan in place to educate the whole school about the new recycling list by peer teaching . We have been training with Craig Benton from the EPA who is an expert in recycling and waste management over the last few weeks. 
The students will cover all classes by Easter hopefully.  They have a fun video the TYs made to tell the school that things are changing. Then they will explain the changes and follow with a kahoot game which explains everything. There are (environmentally friendly) prizes too. 
Here’s some info too for everybody that we found helpful: