2nd Year History Trip to EPIC

We went on a history trip to Epic (Irish Emigration Museum) on Monday the 26th of February. We arrived at Epic after an exciting journey on a bus, and were greeted by a large modern-looking museum. We were very eager to go inside and explore. We then headed in and were introduced to our friendly tour guide, Niamh. She handed each of us a “passport” that we were to get stamped by a machine every time we entered a new room to mark where we have been. She gave us a brief outlook of Irish emigration and we then continued on down the stairs. We went from room to room and learned many new things about Irish emigration. Every room was unique to the other. There were rooms focusing on food, sport, entertainment, famous Irish people, why some Irish people decided to emigrate etc. We went to see a sports room displaying what Irish sports have influenced. One room had a large metal piece that included many different boats and why they link to Irish emigration. One of the ships was a famous coffin ship which is known for nobody dying on. Along with that room, there was another room that I really enjoyed. It had tree-like structures covered in blue lights. It was the perfect place to take pictures, (which I did). I found out that Rihanna has Irish ancestors, that Ireland has won the Eurovision more than any other country (7 times) and many more interesting facts. The one thing that really amazed me was the technology. It looked as if it had came straight from a spy movie. Using the technology, we got to write our own letters as did our ancestors did after emigrating to a different country. You could draw on the letters, choose the postcard, type out a message, and send. It would appear on one of the screens on the sides of every wall in the room. Afterwards we were able to go to the gift shop. The gift shop was really good value. I bought a pen and keyrings, each were individually €1. I was really happy with those bargains 🙂

Afterwards we sat down at the tables and chairs at the back of the main entrance (It was really large). We then headed back to the school.

I would recommend this to anyone as it is very enjoyable and not like other museums. The features like the technology, the design of each room sand the interesting facts all combined together really make this a worthwhile trip. I would love to go back to Epic again.

By Abbie Brennan