U Rock!

3rd, 6th and Staff get your designs ready for next week.

No words just images please.

We have decided to create a whole school community art piece to be displayed outside in the school garden. This is to reflect how individual each pupil/staff member is and to encourage an acceptance amongst everyone here in Beaufort of each other, regardless of age, appearance, religion, talents, orientation, colour etc.

Key words: Mindfulness, Diversity, Community, Acceptance and Respect.

The idea is to come to Art Room 2 and paint a stone. We will then lay the painted stones in the garden area outside the Mary Ward block during Friendship week (12th March).

Orange – 1st Years

Green – 2nd Years

Blue – 3rd Years

Pink – 4th Years

Red – 5 Years

Purple – 6th Years

Yellow – Staff

During the Student Council Mental Health Week (26th Feb) the 3rd and 6th Years will get the opportunity to paint their stones.

A few tips for the project:

It’s nice to have an idea of what you’d like to paint. Words or images or bring a picture to copy if you’d like.

The acrylic paint is a plastic paint as it’s for outside. Therefore take care with your clothes.  Students can sit on their jumpers and roll up their sleeves, tie back hair. If anyone wants to wear an old shirt there will be some in store room at back of artroom 2. The paint washes off your hands no problem and is non toxic but it is difficult to remove from clothes once it dries.

There will be music. All materials will be provided.

Have a look at this document for some visual inspiration.

you rock

Inspiration will be on walls too.

Hope everyone enjoys a little painting time.