Green News – Plastic is not Fantastic 💔

Last week our Green Committee met with a green sense of ‚New Year, New Beginnings‘. We discussed any environmental issues or articles we had come across on social media or in the news. There are good stories and not so good stories and we hope that Beaufort will continue to keep up our best efforts and remain a good story throughout 2018. Our new TY environmenal class discussed the importance of Waste Management and have agreed to continue with the work our previous environmental class have acheived. We also began watching the film ‚A Plastic Ocean‘. We believe it‘s worthwhile watching . It got us thinking about what might be happening to the plastic we use and perhaps commit to cutting down on the amount of plastic we use. Some ideas we came up with include :

– using reusable flasks or bottles for drinking water

– using lunch boxes to transport our food rather than the plastic containers that we throw out after each use.

There is a movement right now in Ireland to cut down on plastic, to ban coffee cups that cannot be recycled and to put pressure on supermarkets to cut down on all the plastic packaging they use.

We support this movement ❤️❤️❤️