Nikolaustag 2017

Our German classes are celebrating  Nikolaustag today. Our german assistant Lena is speaking to the students about Christmas in Germany. The Germans have even more Christmas traditions than us and many of our now traditions originate in Germany such as kris kindle and the christmas market. However, we don’t celebrate Saint Nicholas’s day  here in Ireland, that is, unless you are a german student in Beaufort! 🎄St. Nicholas Day, or Eve, is celebrated on December 6. This is the favorite holiday of all children – it’s a gift-giving day. When evening comes, St. Nicholas, a reverend gray-haired figure with flowing beard, wearing gorgeous bishop’s garments, gold embroidered cope, mitre and pastoral staff, knocks on doors and enquires about the behavior of the children. The custom of examining the children, where they will cite a verse, sing, or otherwise show their skills, is still widespread in German-speaking countries. Each little one gets a gift for his performance.


Lena returns to Heidelberg at Christmas. We thank her for everything and wish her well. Auf Wiedersehen Lena! We will miss you in Beaufort.  We really enjoyed your Christmas presentations and all the help you have given us this year.  So from all our German learners Fröhliche Weihnachten 🎅🏻⭐️