Winter Green Committee News ❄️🌍🌈💡💚

As school resumed on Monday, so also, did our Green Committee meetings on Tuesdays at 1.15 in room 25. Ms Cagney was also delighted to introduce the environment module to a new group of TYs. Our Green Committee will be working on our biodiversity survey this term so we’re looking forward to getting them out to you and assessing what needs to be done.

Our environmentalists will be tackling our waste and litter management this term. We started off this challenge today by examining our bin infrastructure and they even examined the bins themselves 🤢😱. They will conduct a formal audit of our waste and litter management system and discuss and plan how we can improve as a school community 😀😍. When we have everything organised we will be coming to your classroom to advise. We are getting support from Craig Benton, who is an expert on waste managemant from the EPA  ( the Environmental Protection Agency), which is really exciting. 🙏