The Fairytale of a Green Beaufort🌳🗑♻️💧🌎💚

Once upon a time in the land of Beaufort, there was a very evil villain. 👺His name was Rumplestinkybins. Rumplestinkybins never threw the right items in the right bins. The ‘Knights of  the Green Flag’ worked hard everyday to make sure that the citizens of Beaufort were disposing of waste correctly. They wanted all citizens to use just three bins  – the compost bin, the recycling bin and the general bin.  Everyday the ‘Knights of the Green Flag’ would go to collect the bins but would find horrible things in the bins, for example, banana skins in the recycling bin,  sweet papers in the compost bins and even cardboard in the general bins. 😳They decided to help all citizens by reorganising the bins to make it easier for them to dispose of their waste correctly. They organised a campaign to educate all citizens and save the kingdom from Rumplestinkybins. At first the citizens were confused but they were determined to take on the challenge. 🤔After seven nights and seven hours they grew accustomed to the challenge and celebrated their accomplishments. The kingdom of Beaufort became a hostile place for Rumplestinkybins and his evil ways and he was never seen again. The citizens of Beaufort lived clean and green happily ever after. Hurrah!😃🙏❤️👍🏻🙌🏻