2Q with Author Kim Hood at Ballyroan Library

On the Thursday of D.E.A.R. week we were invited to Ballyroan Library for a talk by author Kim Hood.  She spoke of growing up in Canada and how Ireland never left her after a visit when she was a student.  She eventually returned to settle in Co. Clare to write her book.  After 20 years she eventually managed to write the book she had always wanted to and credits much of her writing to her various life experiences – ranging from not fitting in as a teenager, selling most of her belonging and travelling around for 6 months.  She has also worked in various teaching jobs with first nations communities in Canada and people with mental health difficulties.  She doesn’t believe in the notion of “normal” and although she felt like the only one who didn’t fit in as a teenager she now believes that, in fact, most of her peers felt the same way too.  Kim is the author of “Finding a Voice” and “Plain Jane.”