Sr. Orla, Principal of our Sister School in South Sudan, Loreto Rumbek

We were so lucky today to have Sr. Orla come to Beaufort and give us an update on our sister school Loreto Rumbek in South Sudan. “The school is basically like a woman’s refuge” she told 5th and 6th Years at her talk today. Now more than ever the primary and secondary girls school there needs our help and support. South Sudan is the most fragile country in the world at the moment.

We will hold a sponsored walk on Wednesday 27th September and we really need all the support we can get.

2p CSPE will be raising awareness through their Rumbek campaign and the creation of a display in reception.

Congratulations to Sr. Orla who is here in Ireland to receive a Humanitarian Award.

Thank you for coming to our school today.

A big thank you to our proactive 6th Year, Madeleine, on organising the talk. 2P would love to see your project to add to their display in reception.