Lourdes Day 5

Our last day in the Accueil has come to an end. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our experience here. We took part in the stations of the cross this morning indoors as unfortunately it was raining but the pilgrims really enjoyed it. We had the Garden of Gethsemane with Ellen playing a deeply anguished Jesus. Following this, last minute shopping was the order of the day for the pilgrims and they were given the chance to buy souvenirs and mementos for loved ones. The pilgrimage came to a close as we brought the pilgrims to the Farewell Mass, in which we were involved in collecting donations for next year’s pilgrimage. The final sing-song began after this at the goodbye party with the pilgrims all getting up for a little dance. Emotions were running high as it was time to bid our final farewell to all of the pilgrims. We exchanged gifts and we will really miss them. Our week wouldn’t have been the same without them! Prairie had a theme of thanksgiving where we were given the opportunity to reflect on what experiences we were grateful for over the course of the week. We will most definitely take a little bit of Lourdes away with us and we will never forget it!