Bee is for Biodiversity 🐝

This year we hope to add Biodiversity to our many Green Flags here in Beaufort, as well as revise all the themes we have already been awarded. We will be starting off with Travel this September. Our Biodiversity theme is ‘Bees’. Today the TY Environmental class began revising our school habitat map . It’s a big task – we have lots of trees and flowers and shrubs. But which ones benefit our declining bee population and can we help? If you’re interested in anything green or natural join us on the Green Committee. Β All students, staff, parents, grandparents, dogs and pets welcome. Meetings will be held in Room 25 ( Ms Cagney’s room) at 1.15 on Tuesdays . If you can’t make the meetings but would still like to be involved let Ms Cagney know. Here are some photos of our TYs earlier investigating our natural surroundings .