Green Week and Biodiversity

Green Week had something for everybody in our school this week. On Tuesday our Green Committee and Fifth Years organised a scavenger hunt for First Years. On Wednesday TY students raised awareness about our Save the Swift Campaign by peer-teaching junior classes. On Thursday our Green Committee invited all school members to add more seeds to our bio-diversity garden and on Friday all students were given permission to wear track suits and trainers and encouraged to walk or cycle to school. We raised some money through track and trainer day which will help us with our bio-diversity project next year. Bio-Diversity is all about connecting people with nature. It is National Biodiversity Week nationwide from 19th May and all students are invited to enter a national photography competition using biodiversity and sustainable tourism as it’s theme. Ms Byrne’s geography class had some great discussions about this topic at class time and Ms Cagney’s Irish class watched a nature program as Gaeilge on TG4 – just some examples of how biodiversity has come  to the classroom during Green Week. Details of the competition are included in this link or ask Ms Cagney or any of the Green Committee for details.