Gaisce Bronze Medal Hike

On the 30th of March, 2017, the fourth years made their way to Glendalough to begin their Gaisce adventure trip. There were mixed feelings amongst the year about the hike. Some were experienced hikers, others were enthusiastic and there was a few looking on with dread.
When we arrived at the hostel, we put away our luggage and suited up to begin part of the hike. That night, as the sun went down and we continued to walk in silence, a sense of anticipation fell over the group. We all soon became excited for the next day, however we had only walked 8 km , we had another 20km to do tomorrow. Back in the hostel we all gathered in a conference room to watch various performances from our very talented year.

The next morning, the excitement seemed to have dulled down slightly. Today would be the real test. We left early in the morning and soon we had begun. There were great points on that hike, but also some fairly unpleasant moments. However even in the rain and even when we walked through a bog, we had our friends to keep our spirits up. And we also had the amusement of the odd fall into bog water.

The hike will be one of the highlights of our TY year. It made some seriously great memories that I’ll never forget and I’m sure the rest of my year feels the same.