Visit to Ballyroan Library

On Monday morning 2P and 2T walked over to Ballyroan Library to hear author E.R. Murray talk about her writing and her books Caramel Hearts, The Book of Learning and The Book Shadows (Nine Lives Trilogy). She talked about how she grew up the north of England and has settled in Schull, Co. Cork by way of many other places including Jamaica. She gave the girls some tips on how to write creatively and said that the final book in the Nine Lives trilogy is proving to be a difficult one to write. She also showed us some objects that she has drawn on for ideas in her book, a candle holder and a stone that looked like a mini volcano. She explained how she sometimes listens in to conversations for ideas and once “stole a man’s face” (but not literally) on the DART for a character in The Book of Learning. Thanks as always to Emma McDonald and Ballyroan Library for inviting us to the talk and a special thank you to E.R. Murray who made an hour on Monday morning absolutely fly by!