Spelling Bee Final 2017

Well done to the Beaufort Spelling Bee Team who travelled to Belvedere College on Thursday to compete in the Inter-School Spelling Bee finals for 2017. Lauren, Juliet, Issy and Leigh went head to head with Sandford Park, Castleknock College and Stratford College in the initial rounds. Juliet and Lauren both made it to the sudden death final round and were doing exceptionally well until the words “IRIDOCYCLITIS” and “PULCHRITUDINOUS” stopped them in their tracks. Well done to the team who gave it their all and to the supporters who were behind the team all the way.  

Lauren Haughey and Juliet Mullarney take a breather after making it through to the last round of the 2017 Spelling Bee Finals in Belvedere College on Thursday.  

Juliet and Lauren take time out to sketch after getting through to the final round of the 2017 Spelling Bee.