Youth Week 27th Feb – 3rd March

This year the Student Council and the 5th Years are organising Youth Week, which is taking place from 27th – 3rd March! 
During this week they will be covering topics such as Friendship and Mental Health in the life of young people in Ireland today. Throughout the week there will be music, peer teaching, talks, and a Self Care Jar at reception! 
Monday and Tuesday will be Friendship Days, where we will be encouraging students to talk to new people and be extra friendly.
Wednesday will be Alcohol Awareness Day. Throughout the day there will be shocking facts around the school, intercom announcements and a eye catching reception display.
Thursday is a Digital Detox Day, where students will be encouraged to “disconnect to reconnect” and 5th Years will be making a stand by giving up their phones for a night!
Finally, Friday will be Mental Health Awareness day. There will be Just Dance in the hall, bonding class activities and an orange ribbon for each student. 
We hope you all enjoy and benefit from this week. Bainigí taitneamh agus tairbhe as an seachtain! 🙂