SVP Christmas Party


The Junior SVP Christmas party was held this year on the 10th of December but preparations for the party began the day before. First thing in the morning the decorations were taken out and after the fourth year’s dance classes ended the decorating began. The various tables such as the face-painting table, the food table, the dress-up table and the beauty table were set up. Christmas trees began popping up all over the hall and many girls were busy at work turning the stage into a magical Santa’s grotto. The stage steps were soon covered in snow and the cosy corner fully stocked with books. Although it seemed like a lot of work at that we would never finish, by the end of the day we had turned the assembly hall into the perfect Christmas party all that was left was to wait for tomorrow and for the kids to come.

Everyone arrived dressed in Christmas jumpers and hats and with baked goods that had been made the night before. Just as the last minute preparations were complete the children were spotted arriving. Everyone got into place and the big sisters lined up with the names of their little sibling for the day written on the back. The kids came in and the party began!


The kids went to each of the tables and soon nearly all had their faces painted, pictures drawn and their hair and nails done. Each child went to see Santa and got a gift and a selection box. The children got McDonalds and as many treats as they desired, each one had a tote bag that they could fill with everything they made and wanted to take home with them.

When it was time for the kids to leave everyone had had a great day including all the fourth year girls. We were so happy to be able to make a difference in these children’s lives. We all had an amazing day and all went home feeling a little different to how we did when we arrived.


Aisling Mellet.