Art class and Korean Graphic Design

Today Ms.Bowe’s 2nd year Art class got a special PowerPoint from two Korean students, Kyumin 2P and Lara 2T .We really enjoyed learning about the history of the Korean language. We learned to say hello and thank you in Korean, we also learned that Sejong was the King of Korea in 1418 and invented the Korean alphabet, Hangul.

By Isabelle Comerford Barrins 
Our Korean visitors in second year did a really good presentation on Korean graphic design, in Wednesday’s art class.

It was very informative and gave us an insight into designs that were unknown to us beforehand. We got the opportunity to practice drawing a few symbols and we enjoyed looking at the Korean alphabet which consists of twenty five letters.

Everyone liked the presentation immensely in Ms Bowes second year art class, we all found it very interesting and insightful.

We would like to say thank you to Kyumin and Lara for their lovely presentation.

By Emma Shortall