PDST Wellread National Award

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On the 12th of October, 2016, Loreto High School Beaufort was awarded the PDST Wellread  National Award.

Ms Campbell and Ms Keenan, accompanied by two TY students, Alysia Cloake and Anna Karoliina Brown, traveled to CityWest for the event.

They set out early in the morning to set up their display and were later joined in the day by the Principal Ms O’Donaghue and Maria Graham (our student representative) for the award ceremony.

The PDST Wellread National Award is a national initiative designed and organised by PDST. It aims to create a heightened awareness about the importance of creating a culture of reading in school communities for young people as part of their personal and academic development.

This is an outstanding achievement for the school. A big thank you to Ms Campbell and Ms Keenan for all the hard work they have put in throughout the year and the work they continue to do. Thank you as well to all the students in the school who have taken such an interest in literacy and continue to always join in and show initiative.


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