Day 5 Lourdes 2016

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This is our last full day in Lourdes and we are so sad to leave our pilgrims and this beautiful place and all our new friends. As well as being a place of pilgrimage, Lourdes is very much about the people who come here and the friendships you make. We have all shared this experience together and will forever be connected.
This morning all the schools groups were re-enacting the Stations of the Cross for the sick pilgrims as they are unable to do the high stations. Ours was the sixth station, Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. They all gathered around and Brother Eamon and Mrs O’Reilly did the commentary as each school presented their station. It was so meaningful.
We got a little time to do some shopping but we wanted to spend as much time as possible with our pilgrims so that took about 10 minutes! Straight back to the wards. Our duties of flags and stewarding were not needed until 3.45.
Our Farewell mass with the sick pilgrims also took place today too. Again it was so moving as the realisation that we were saying goodbye sank in. Our Archbishop thanked everyone for making this such a successful pilgrimage.
There were farewell parties in the wards for the pilgrims where everyone sang and danced, even some of the teachers. We each gave a pilgrim a special farewell card with our own personal message and a miraculous medal.
This was all happening on Saturday and Sunday by the way as you all relaxed and had lie-ins! Just saying!!

Forgot to mention our last Prairie (our nightly reflection) together. The theme was thanksgiving and Father Paul led us in prayer for the last time. He thanked us and we thanked him and also Laura and Eoin who do a huge amount of work organising the schools and making sure everything goes like clockwork. Then we all thanked God for the privilege of being here in Lourdes. We were also told about what it’s like to be a white shirt and how to apply for next year.
We are so coming back!!!
Blessings from Claire, Roisin, Laura, Aideen, Niamh and Mrs. O’Reilly

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