Day 4 Lourdes 2016

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What seemed like quite an ordinary day in Lourdes on paper ended up being the most eventful and emotional day yet. We even had an earthquake! No damage or injuries thank God.! We think it was caused by the Dublin torchlit procession.

We started the day with the Youth mass which was led in by the Dublin African Chaplaincy group in their colourful uniforms and amazing singing. Fathers Sean and Paul do a double act for this and are highly entertaining. The “Bish” was there too. This liturgy is so meaningful and a reflection was given by a blue shirt who summed up what the whole experience is about.
There was a picnic in the afternoon for all the pilgrims in glorious sunshine and the craic was only mighty. Lots of pilgrims sang and danced and we had tea and biscuits and ice cream.
Then we had the opportunity to go to the baths ourselves which we all did with a mixture of fear and trepidation. What can we say? There are no words to describe this. It must be experienced but for us it was hugely emotional. Mrs O’Reilly says it was a truly cathartic experience. Ask an English teacher what that means!
After our prairie we went with Mrs. O’ to light all our candles and one big one for the Beaufort community. We lit it and recited our school prayer together for you all. More tears!
Finally, we passed through the grotto where Bernadette first had her vision of Our Lady. It was so peaceful and prayerful despite there being quite a big crowd there, even at midnight.
No day is an ordinary day in Lourdes.
The Lourdes gang


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