Green Week 2016 – 25th April – 29th April

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Beaufort are going Green next week. The Green Committee are organising various green activities to get everybody sharing their environmentally friendly tips and knowledge. Here’s our plan:

Monday is Energy Day: Our catch phrase today is ‘Don’t use unnecessary  electricty’! Turn off all electronic devices and lights you are not using both at school and at home. Students will also be able to avail of a snakes and ladders type game in language classes to show off their energy saving knowlegde and skills.

Tuesday is Water Day: There will be a guess the water amount competition at reception at lunch time incorporating water saving tips and all students are invited to take part. The winners will win Lidl chocolate chip cookies ( which come with no packaging – Eco friendly :))

Wednesday is Travel Day: This is our WOW day or walk on Wednesday. We are encouraging all students to walk or cycle to school today. Management have awarded permission to come to school wearing your school tracksuit and runners. The Green Committee are organising a skipathon outside at lunch time in the quadrangle.

Thursday is Recycling Day: Today we are asking all students to send an email from their school account i.e their account. Every student in the school has an account and we will be using this account more frequently in the future to demonstrate Beaufort’s commitment to reducing paper use. Don’t worry if you forget your password, you can ask Ms Cagney, Mr Carolan or Ms Brady for help.


Friday is Bio-Diversity Day: We are asking every class to donate flower or plant seeds  and we will plant them and label them on Friday at lunch time. It will be fun to watch them grow over the years as they bring colour and more life to our school. It might be nice to get some seeds from your own garden at home or Tiger and Lidl have some very affordable seeds for sale at the moment. It is the responsibility of every class captain to organise this.

We will also be electing new Green Captains for the coming school year during the week.


Thanks for all your support in advance


The Green Committee

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