Leaving Certificate Economics and Business Speaker:Wednesday 24th February 2016

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The Positive Economist – Susan Hayes Culliton is the Managing Director of Hayes Culleton an international financial training and Educational Consultancy Company, specialising in E-Learning. She has a B.S. Degree in Financial Maths and Economics and is a regular contributor to the Professional Development Services for Teachers (PDST). She regularly contributes to RTE, Newstalk, TodayFM and other national and international media outlets, speaking on matters relating to economics, the stock market, banking, entrepreneurship and finance.

The three areas she covered were:

1. Irish economic picture

2. Brexit

3. Entrepreneurship

Susan talked about her background which has shaped her into a successful entrepreneur. Susan talked about her school life, growing up, college course and previous jobs.

Susan began by talking about the current Irish Economic Picture. As a group we discussed the improving economy. Susan talked about mortgage approvals, employment, retail sales, cost of borrowing and tourism.


Susan’s perspective on The Irish Economic Picture in February 2016

• Mortgage approvals –‐ It appears that mortgage approvals are increasing however not all approved loans buy houses as a result of a shortage of houses being sold.

• Housing crisis is a major problem at the moment. Social housing is a big issue. 2006, over 100,000 houses were built. Since then, only 5000 houses per year being built. Solution is to get NAMA to release property and provide housing. Also, developers need to be financed.

• Young first time buyers cannot buy because of the 20% deposit rule. People renting cannot find accommodation.

• Employment –‐ 1000 jobs a week being created. Unemployment rate is 8.5%.

• Earnings from tourism –‐ 8.6m people visited Ireland in 2015. They spent 2.7 bn.

• Euro is weak. Good for tourists.

• National Debt is at 87%. Very high.




• Will affect trade. While UK is our largest trading partner, we trade a lot more with the EU.

• Travel will be affected. May need visas. There will be a border in Ireland again.

• Will lead to a smaller EU. EU may fall below US and China as a superpower.


• Every journey begins with one small step.

• Allows you do what you love.


The general consensus from Susan’s talk was that it was educational, informative but also inspirational, thought provoking, encouraging and much more. An extra benefit from Susan’s talk was she talked about how we could improve our oral marks by taking control of our oral on the day. Susan believes there is no need to stress and worry and that it is an option we choose.

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment….. Make the moment perfect.”


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