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Mind your Mind Week – 29th – 4th MarchMonday- GOALS

• Each form class will be asked to write down a number of goals that they wish to achieve this week. At the end of the week the student council members will give back the slips of paper and students can check if they have achieved their goals.

• Windows will be designated on the lower corridor, near the hall, where all goals achieved throughout the week may be displayed.

• Students will be challenged to drink 2ltrs of water per day this week. A record sheet will be placed in each class.

• Students will be challenged to walk or cycle to school this week


• Elsa Joyce’s Mom will speak to the third years at 12:15 about healthy eating and diet. She will repeat her lecture in the auditorium at lunch – all are welcome.

• Music on during the day and graffiti wall for students to leave messages of gratitude for each other and for staff (in the foyer).

• Form teachers will read out tips for relaxation during form time.

• Mindful colouring in the Reading Room at lunchtime.

• Music on in the cafeteria and assembly Hall during lunch

• During RSE/SPHE students may have meditation or go to the oratory

Wednesday- CONNECT

• Making and giving out the bracelets that link us together

• During lunch everybody will go to their own form rooms and eat lunch as a class.

• Every class group during English, will contribute one line to a poem that will culminate in a school anthem


• Food tasting during lunch of dips and crudités

• 4th years will prepare the crudités during cooking in the class before lunch

• A cookbook of healthy recipes will be put together; the book will be made up of recipes sent in by students. Easy, Healthy, Quick Recipes

• There will be a poster display highlighting the amount of sugar and salt in the foods that we eat.

Friday – ACTIVE

• SUNSHINE DAY – everyone is allowed to wear a yellow t-shirt over their uniform along with yellow accessories e.g ribbon. The Student Council will hold a voluntary collection for Pieta House.

• If the weather is nice during PE, classes will go to St.Endas or Bushy Park to do a walk or run around instead of being inside

• Pep Rally in the quadrangle at lunch

• Elma Walsh will be giving a talk to the fifth years at 1:45 in the auditorium (The Donal Walsh #LiveForLiveFoundation)

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