Francesca Martinez visits Beaufort

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On Friday 22nd January we had the great pleasure of welcoming author, actor and stand-up comedian Francesca Martinez to Beaufort. She came to speak to 6th Years about her life, work, school and her book “What the **** is Normal?” If the bell for lunch hadn’t gone I think everyone would have stayed for another hour (or more) to listen to her upbeat and positive take on facing challenges such as bullying, physical “wobbliness,” self-image and ultimately self-acceptance. While she says in her book that she in no way sees herself as “inspirational,” it has to be said that her audience were awed by her humour and optimistic outlook.
In the days following her visit, numerous students have been asking for her to be invited back to the school and who knows maybe when she’s in Ireland again in the future she might find time to drop in again and chat.



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