Carol Service 2015

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Well done to all involved in this years Christmas Carol service. It was a beautiful service. Thank you to the religion department and Ms Cruise. It was wonderful to have the whole school together in the sports hall. Well done to 2Q who did the display on the refugee crisis as part of their CSPE action project.

Have a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2016.

The following is a beautiful poem by Rebecca Heade a member of the school Writers Club.


A light is a very beautiful but very fragile thing; its beauty is shown in so many different ways. It could be the way it creates patterns that makes the viewer feel amazed and touch’s their heart. It could be the unique combination of colour that illuminates your spirit. Some can last a long time while others will be nothing more than a flash. It could be a delicate tiny candle on a windy day or a strong burning sun on a clear summer’s day. This is what a life is like to me and we must embrace these lights in all their unique beauty before they die down and leave behind the darkness they had once brightened.

By Rebecca Heade





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