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This evening, Thursday 19th November, will see the commencement of RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)’s new-live streamed video broadcast series “So You Want to Be a Doctor?”. This series which will give students an insight into what life is really like as a doctor.

The first episode of this series, which is for transition year, fifth and sixth year students, will be broadcast this evening at 6pm. This will be of interest to any students that are thinking of pursuing a career in the health sciences and may like to consider the opportunities a career as a doctor can give them.

In the first episode of “So You Want to Be a Doctor?” we will profile Professor Fergal Malone, Professor and Chairman of the RCSI Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Consultant Obstetrician at the Rotunda Hospital. Viewers will be able to see an average busy day in the life of Prof Malone at Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital which involves performing scans on pregnant women, taking part in his own research and giving lectures to students.

Viewers will then be brought to Beaumont Hospital where Dr Emma Tong will detail why she decided to study medicine and how she became a clinical lecturer in Surgery at RCSI. Viewers will be able to see Dr Tong in action running a clinical skills tutorial.

Finally, Professor James Paul O’Neill, who is an otolaryngologist or ENT surgeon in Beaumont Hospital and RCSI, will explain to viewers his specialty which involving treating illnesses concerned with the ear, nose and throat (ENT).

Throughout the broadcast, students and viewers can also get involved, as a live-streamed question and answer session will take place at the end of each episode in the series. I will address any comments, queries and questions viewers on studying medicine, being a doctor or on what specialties they have seen in the broadcast. Students can send in their comments and questions via Twitter (@RCSI_Irl) and Facebook using #RCSIBeADoc. Alternatively, they can be sent in by email in advance of the broadcast and on the night to . I’ll try to read out and address as many questions as possible live on air.

How to watch the show

You can tune into episode one of ‘So You Want To Be A Doctor?’ by clicking on this link at 6pm
This episode and live Q+A session will be broadcast from 6pm, where all you need to do is tap or click on the link from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet to watch the show.ad1423 doctor icon_twitter Two more episodes will air on Wednesday 9th December 2015 and Tuesday 19th January 2016, both at 6pm on each night.

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