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Loreto High School Beaufort is a caring and encouraging community, where every student is challenged to their full potential with guidance and support from the staff.
We, as the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls are representatives of the student body in the school. We, along with the senior prefects and sports captains, were elected by our year group and staff at end of Fifth Year. Our job is to provide a student’s perspective to the general running of the school.

In Beaufort, the positive atmosphere and friendly environment means girls can explore all kinds of extra-curricular activities. This includes many different sports, due to our wide ranging sports department, debating through our debating society and creativity through the arts and music departments.  

Over the past few years, our school has been closely connected to our sister school in Rumbek, Sudan and we annually fundraise for them. Recently, we have embarked on a new project to build a primary school in Rumbek because, at the moment, students are having class under the Lulu trees, which is not a sustainable classroom environment.

Many weeks of the year are designated to promoting various campaigns and students work together to raise awareness on issues regarding social justice, anti-bullying and promoting positive mental health in the school. These weeks are organised by the Student Council, which is very active in the school and has a representative from every class.

We are extremely proud of the community in Beaufort. The positive atmosphere and friendly spirit can felt as soon as one walks through the door. The little acts of kindness regularly shown by all students and teachers are what create such a pleasant environment.


‘A child without education, is like a bird without wings.’ – Tibetan proverb.


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