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What a wonderful celebration of Beauforts 90th birthday. The whole school community contributed to the event. It really was a pleasure to see how all our talents can come together to represent 90 years of Beauforts rich history.

Nuala Ladd McAleese from the class of 1956 gave a warm and moving speech on her days in Beaufort. We will look for those cement footprints Nuala.

Throughout the ceremony we had beautiful poetry, music, dancing and slide shows. The procession of gifts was very appropriate and gave thanks to the areas we hold dear in our school.

Each year including the staff, sang a song, each from a different decade dating back to 1925. The first years did extremely well with ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. It was very moving to hear our amazing 6th years come together and sing. One could sense the support of our whole school community at the ceremony. This has been a trait that has been cherished throughout Beauforts history and this event highlighted our wish for this to continue into its future.

The amazing table size cake was handled with great care as it made its way on wheels to the sports hall. The displays from both the history and art departments were excellent.

Well done to all in the creation of this unique celebration.

We would like to thank Ms. O’Donoghue and Mr. Caroline for organising such a great event. We will all have wonderful memories of the day.

Pictures do speak louder than words so enjoy a few pics from the day.








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