Daffodil Day

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On the 26th of March 2015, the fifth years organised a ‘daffodil day’ which we held to raise money for our fifth year fundraiser for ‘The Irish Cancer Society.’ The day was a day full of colour as the fifth years painted yellow strips and gave yellow ribbon to those who brought in money for the charity, which took place at reception in the morning and at form time. Daffodil pins were also distributed which brought a bright atmosphere to the school and an even further awareness to the day that was in it. Lolly pops were also available for 50 cent and all the money that we received was in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. Some of the fifth years stayed behind in Wednesday evening, in order to brighten up reception with splashes of yellow and orange, using balloons and yellow ribbon, in preparation for the day ahead. The bright colours that surrounded reception added greatly to the atmosphere around the school, having everyone smiling and in high spirits. The contributions were much appreciated so thank you to everyone who donated!






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