Student Council Meeting Minutes

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Date: 10th February 2015
Time: 12.55pm
Venue: Needlework Room

1. Fifth years headed the Student Council Meeting this week as the Niamh, Lisa and Rua were completing their Mock exams.
2. Aisling opened the meeting with the school prayer.
3. Autism Awareness Day:
– 4th years were given the task of making posters to advertise the day around the school and decorating the reception for blue day.
– There will be prizes for the most creative blue costumes.
– A speaker from Autism Ireland, Niall Murphy will give a talk in the auditorium on the day at 1.10pm.
– Everyone who brings in €2 will receive a blue nose.
4. The open Council Meeting will take place on the 24th of February in the auditorium. We encourage everyone to come.


– Complaints about the healthy food in the shop being too expensive.
– No soap in the bathrooms.
– Possibility of School Gaelic Blitz at the end of the year.
– School Orchestra.

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