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We thought it was a good idea to have Gender Equality on this particular week because Mary Ward is such an inspiration and has done so much for Gender Equality for example women’s education. We created a class plan for every subject to educate the students about Gender Equality within their subjects. A movie will be held at lunchtime in the hall. This movie particularly ties in with the theme Gender Equality. We organised a speaker for the fourth and fifth years. Fiona Coghlan the former Irish rugby captain will talk to fourth years and Plan Ireland will talk to fifth years. There was a very artistic display at reception with a sea of blue and pink. We hope the week will be very successful and people will learn about Gender Equality and Mary Ward.
Teaching plans and She’s the Man

For Gender Equality week, the Fourth years prepared teaching plans on gender equality that tied within their subject. The teachers used the class plans to help inform the students about gender equality. So far, teachers have being using them and students are benefiting from them as they are learning about gender equality. A movie called She’s the Man that deals with gender inequality is on at lunch times in the hall. All students are enjoying it and the week is going well.

By Eimer Butler, Fiona O’Riordan and Jennifer Connolly.



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