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Mary Ward Week is celebrated every year in each Loreto School in Ireland. It began with the vision of one woman, Mary Ward, her vision “women ruling women” Mary Ward’s primary focus was to educate young girls. She believed that the education of women was essential for the future of the Church and of society.

Our theme for Mary Ward Week is Gender Equality.

Mary Ward promoted the values of justice, freedom, sincerity, joy and the education and equality of women. Mary Ward firmly believed in the empowerment of women and the freedom to be themselves. She challenged the prevailing ethos of her time regarding the role of women in society. “I will do these things in love and freedom or leave them alone” As Loreto students and staff we are inspired by the virtues and qualities of Mary Ward which are as relevant today as they were all those years ago. This week, in all we do, we will strive to promote the virtues and qualities of Mary Ward and let them be at the core of our school work, on the playing field and in our prayer life so that they may continue to live on through us in our school today.


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