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On Wednesday the 14th of January 2015, 54 girls from 4th, 5th and 6th year went to the RDS to attend the cycle against suicide conference. At the conference there were 4,000 students involved. Our faces were painted orange as we entered the doors. Orange is the colour that represents cycle against suicide. The main aim of the conference was to raise awareness of the supports available for suicide prevention in Ireland.
Bressie,Mark Pollock, Simone George,shane gillen, Gerry Duffy, Sonia o’Sullivan as well as many others were there to talk about challenges they faced in their own lives and how they overcame them. The day included music, talks and different acts.
The main message of the conference was “It’s okay not to feel okay and it’s absolutely okay to ask for help.” This message was evident throughout the day. On twitter, Cycle against suicide started trending in Ireland too!
My favourite part of the day was watching Shane Gillen the magician perform. His performance was entertaining yet thought provoking towards the concept of the conference.
If you want to take part in the cycle against suicide, the details are available on their website.




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