Student Council Minutes: 13th January 2015

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Venue: Needlework Room
Time: 12.55pm

1. Niamh opened the meeting with the school prayer.
2. Rua read out the minutes from the previous meeting.
3. Chloe updated us on our Autism Awareness Week. Autsim Ireland are going to be giving us blue noses and pins to sell on our “Blue Day” which will be held on the 27th of February. People suggested we use the Autism Ireland logo, the umbrella, to write facts about Autism on and stick them around the school. We discussed Peer teaching for the junior years and the possibility of a speaker coming in to talk to the seniors.
4. Niamh discussed what we would be doing during the joint Autism and Council Awareness week. On the Wednesday, there will be a quiz at lunch; Tuesday a documentary on Autism on in the auditorium during lunch and on Friday, the open council meeting and Blue Day.
5. Aisling and Abigail updated us on the noticeboard.
6. Niamh spoke briefly about what year would organise what during spirit and mental health awareness week.
1st years: Covering Mirrors
2nd Years: Student teacher football match
3rd Years: Mental Health
4th Years: Student teacher Football Match
5th years: Mental Health
6th Years: Ceili
7. On Wednesday the 14th of January, Some girls from the Council are attending The cycle against suicide Students Congress in the RDS. We hope they have a great day and have lots of great feedback for us.

-Possibility of Easter Egg Hunt during Spirit Week
-Lack of Arts/English/Music prizes
-Raincoat for cyclists
-complaints about the water in the quadrangle tasting of metal

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