2nd Year Trips to Glendalough

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On the 26th of September, 2P and 2S went to Glendalough in Co Wicklow for our History trip. We had our first class of the day, then we went down to the reception area and the roll was called. A few girls were all called aside because there wasn’t enough space in the bus, and we were put on a minibus with Ms Larkin. The bus trip didn’t take too long!

When we got there we were given a sheet to fill out and sent in to the museum, we had questions to answer based on what was in the museum, we were brought outside where a tour guide talked to us about Glendalough. She told us lots of interesting information, such as facts about the round towers, and that there were many Viking raids before they were put up. It would have taken someone six months to come up the mountains to Glendalough on foot. In the monasteries there were many buildings with many uses. There was the scriptorium, for writing and copying manuscripts, a refectory, where the monks had their meals and the round tower where they prayed and stored their goods. Monks pray 5 times a day.

We were brought to the graveyard where we saw a round tower. A lot of the graves were quite old and contained priests. We saw St Kevin’s kitchen, which was a small stone church. We then went up the mountains and went for a lovely scenic walk. Afterwards it was time for lunch! We had lovely weather for the trip and thankfully it didn’t rain!

Thank you to Ms O’Neill and Ms. Larkin for organising the trip.

By Anna Basquel 2P




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