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The last full day was an emotional one. After our morning work in the acceuil we brought the pilgrims down to the prairie where the blue shirts acted out the stations of the cross in the glorious sunshine. Did we mention the sun has not stopped shining since we arrived? Then it was time for some last minute shopping for medals, pins and rosary beads. After lunch, lead by the flag bearers, we ceremoniously made our way to the grotto with our pilgrims. Then (sadly) it was up to St. Bernadette’s Chapel for the Farewell Mass. Our friend Diarmuid celebrated the mass which included the blessing of all the religious objects we had bought. He also asked the question: how can young people become more involved in the church. If you wish to answer you can email him on . The farewell parties began at seven o’ clock on the transit lounge. Many a song was sung and many a picture was taken! It dawned on us how attached we truly were to our pilgrims as we bid them au revoir!!
A special mention to our mother for the week, Ms O’ Reilly. She was our rock through out- always there for us no natter what time of day. Now she is not only a teacher but also our friend. Thank you Babs!

Now that the week is over, it is hard to explain in a blog how this experience has made us feel and how it has changed us.

It’s safe to say we have all gained so much from this pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Thank you for tuning in daily and following us on our journey.

Until another 360 days;

Katy, Emma, Rua, Maria, Sarah, Aisling & Ms O’ Reilly

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