Lourdes Blog: Day 3

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Our Lourdes girls dine with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin!

Day Three:

Half six (half five your time) we were having breakfast! We caught the sunrise on the way to the acceuil. Our morning ritual began like before as we cleaned the wards, brought pilgrims to breakfast and later to the service of reconciliation- this took place in the underground basilica, which is a wonder in itself. The theme of the day was reconciliation and this was carried out throughout the day. We then spent some quality time talking and signing to our pilgrims. After lunch, we brought the pilgrims shopping around the narrow streets of Lourdes with the voitures in tow. A challenge in itself. Laden down with litres of holy water we returned for afternoon tea on the lawn. Our next liturgy was the anointing of the sick, a very moving and memorable liturgy. The highlight of the day was dinner with Diarmuid- Archbishop Diarmuid Martin that is! He came to visit us in our hotel and willingly posed for a selfie! This evening was a great day for Beaufort as four past pupils received medals for service in Lourdes; Hannah Taylor & Danielle Murray received silver for five years service and Kim Nolan & Louise O’ Halloran received bronze for three years. This medal ceremony featured  three of our own singing in the folk group (Rua, Katy & Aisling).  Congratulations to all involved! Our day closed with the opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation during our Prairie. We contributed to tonight’s theme by performing acapella on the theme of thanksgiving for forgiveness. Before leaving the domain we lit candles for own intentions and reflected prayerfully.

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