Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate Party for Second Years

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On January 17th 2014, the Junior JIC committee held a ‘Fairtrade ice cream and hot chocolate party’ for 2T, as the prize for our essay competition which we ran back in December. Olivia Moore, a member of the class, wrote a poem about ‘Dropping the Debt’ which was insightful and thought proiking. JPIC thought that it was a perfect response to our ‘Drop the Debt’ week, which aimed to educate people about the problems associated with debt.
So at 1:15on Friday, (a nice end to the week, we thought!) 2T were invited to the cafeteria for hot chocolate (very generously provided by Starbecks, a great Fairtrade company which everyone should support!) and Fairtrade Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The next 40 minutes were spent eating, drinking and chatting – and praising Olivia’s great poem of course! It was an absolutely lovely afternoon, made even sweeter (pun intended) by the fact that it was all Fairtrade and all for a good cause. Well done Olivia for your great poem and for everyone else – keep an eye out for the next chance to win an ice cream party for your class! J


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