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As part of our transition year French course, Mme Murphy & Mme Larkin’s French classes paid a trip to the IFI on Eustace Street in town. Every year, a specific film is chosen to show to transition year students during the year. The film for this year was “Les Intouchables”, an uplifting comedy about friendship and trust. “Les Intouchables” is based on a true story about an aristocrat who becomes paralysed after a paragliding accident. He needs 24 hour care and decides to hire Dris, a street smart ex-con, as his caretaker. The film depicts an unlikely friendship between two individuals, who would seem to have nothing in common.

The film is really funny, with Dris taking a very light-hearted attitude to Philippe’s condition. The contrast between the two characters is a perfect backdrop for the comedic elements to the film. “Les Intouchables” teaches us about the value of friendship, trust and human possibility. We all thoroughly enjoyed the film! It was absolutely beautiful, and it is easy to see how it won so much recognition worldwide.

We were accompanied on the trip by our new French assistant Alice Nunes. Alice takes us every week to help improve our knowledge of French language and culture. We really appreciate all the hard work that she puts in.

Aoife Barnes – Joyce



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