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On the 21st of November, the two history classes took a trip to the Pearse museum in St. Enda’s park. When we got there we were brought into a small room to watch a short film on the lives of the two Pearse brothers. It was very interesting. The guide, Alan, then took us on a tour of the house. He knew a lot about the Pearse brothers and was very informative. He showed us the table that Robert Emmet was beheaded on. He told us all about the school they ran and that Padraig Pearse was a keen gaeilgeoir. We were taken into the big hall near the end of the tour and we were told that whenever the students of Pearse’s school were brought in there for talks or lectures, they got a half day after. At the end of the tour the guide asked Sara to play a piece on the piano for us and she was so good! It was a great trip out and I learned a lot about the Pearse family that I didn’t know before and I think everyone can say the same. Thanks to ms. O’Neill and Ms. Larkin for organising it.

Laura Feehan




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