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Debt Relief Week has been a huge success! During the week both students and teachers immersed themselves into the topic in all subjects across the curriculum.

Many students were running up to Ms. Donohue ( Chaplain) and telling her what they were learning in French, History, Economics; Irish, English, Spanish to name but a few.

The students grasped the appropriate terms of Global North and South and fully engaged with the question of why debt is such a massive problem in our world.

Ms. Browne’s 5th year Art class engaged with the topic in a very creative process and put a huge amount of time, energy and work into creating a beautiful rustic bucket with a hole in and dollars falling through it- highlighting the serious issue of Debt in our world.

Ms.Donohue’s religion class and Junior & Senior JPIC put a huge amount of work into creating effective visuals around the school – creating awareness of Debt in Global South and North.

The Irish Department designed beautiful imaginative posters with translated a variety of Irish phrases relating to Debt.

In preparation for the week we got great support from Debt Coalition Ireland and are very grateful that Neassa from DCI came to Beaufort to facilitate a workshop for both teachers and students.

The students are now penning a letter to the Minister of Finance on their thoughts of what they would like done in relation to Debt. We will publish our reply on the website- it should make for interesting reading!

Today is the last day for entries into our essay competition- ” My opinion on Debt in the Global South”
The winner will receive Fairtrade Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows and Fairtrade Ben and Jerry’s ice -cream for the whole class. Good luck to all those who entered.











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