Lourdes Day 3

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Day 3- Heavens opened in Lourdes!

We were very much looking forward to the much anticipated Youth Mass. The folk group joined us with prayers and singing and us blue shirts joined in too. The sick pilgrims took part in this mass, praying for all the young volunteers and bringing up offertory gifts.
Following the names, our very own Niamh McLoughlin treated the Pilgrims to a rendition of “Birds” by Neil Young.
One of the highlights so far was the picnic which took place in a tent beside the grotto. Many of the Pilgrims and volunteers entertained us with beautiful singing and story telling. Before the picnic ended it was our turn to go to the baths. For all of us it was a special and unique experience, difficult to put it into words. After the baths one of the Pilgrims Carmel brought us up to the roof of the Accueil where she shared many of her life stories with us.
After dinner, we left early to prepare for the Torchlight procession with our Pilgrims. We were really looking forward to it as the Dublin Diocese was leading this procession. Each Pilgrim and volunteer carried a candle as we walked in darkness praying the rosary in many languages including Irish. The sight of many candles twinkling in the darkness was a sight to behold.
After this busy day we found time to gather our Beaufort group to reflect in the Grotto on our Pilgrimage journey so far. We lite a candle for our own private intentions and we also lite a candle for the whole Beaufort community.
After this hectic yet fulfilling day we treated ourselves to Kinder Joy and Snickers ice cream, some of our past students also joined us.

We can’t believe it is our last day tomorrow.





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