School Re-Opening Times and Calendar

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Monday 26th August:  9.30am -3.15pm : Study Skills for Fifth Years

                                     11.35am -12.55pm: Class for First Years in Assembly Hall

                                     12.15pm- 12.55pm: Class for Sixth Years in Auditorium

                                     7.30pm – 8.30pm: Talk for Fifth Year Parents re Study Skills


Tuesday 27th August: 8.40am – 10.40am: Leadership Course for Senior Prefects

10.40am – 4.00pm: Peer Buddy Training

8.40am – 10.00am: Class for Fifth Years in Auditorium

9.20am – 10.40am: Class for Third Years in Assembly Hall

10.00am – 11.15am: Class for Second Years in Auditorium

10.40am- 11.15am: Class for Fourth Years in Assembly Hall


Wednesday 28th August: Full Day – All Classes

School Calendar 2013-2014 is available to download here:   School Calendar 2013


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