Eurotrip Winners 2013

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CONGRATULATIONS to AILBHE KELLY & ALEX WEBB ( Leavign Cert 2012 ) who were recently on TV in Frankfurt, interviewing people on the streets about the EU.Frankfurt TV

Wishing Ailbhe & Alex success as they continue their European studies course in TCD. “Viel Erfolg” !
Eurotrip 2013

Task 1 – 24 hours to find a job in Budapest:
Through the TalkToEU website we’ve received a lot of questions asking “How come foreigners can come here get jobs?”. The reality is that Irish citizens can just as easily move to another EU country and apply for a job thanks to EU legislation relating to the free movement of people and workers. To demonstrate this, we’ve tasked Team One and Two with seeing how easy it is to get themselves an interview for a job in Budapest. Team Three will have to get an interview in Belfast.

early video in trinity

We wish you the best of luck and can see your enjoying Trinity and the competition.



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