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A tired but exhilarated group arrived home on Saturday morning from a fantastic trip to Stratford on Avon. On Tuesday morning we met in Beaufort at 6am and arrived in Coventry 12 hours later, fitting in an unscheduled stop in lovely Chester.

We spent all day Wednesday in the charming town of Stratford on Avon. We visited Shakespeare’s Birthplace followed by a very informative tour of the town itself. In the afternoon we had a really interesting backstage tour of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. That evening we went swimming in the hotel and ended a memorable day with a table quiz. Well done to Ms Cagney’s team for winning first prize! A special mention goes out to Ms Egan’s team for being the only group that got the question right about Ion our bus driver. Congrats also to all our spot prize winners. Rua sang a gorgeous version of ‘Memory’, Rachel recited from ‘Hamlet’, Ciara managed a poem without laughing, Aisling and Abi had done some extra research, Mary and Katie had us all laughing with their jokes and Sophie was the first to tie Ms Egan and Ms Dawson’s laces! ( I think….it all happened very fast!)

On Thursday, we left the hotel, tummies full, after a full Irish breakfast but still managed to fit in loads of chocolate on our tour of Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory. The students loved the chocolate factory but whether the teachers had as good a time is open to debate. There is photographic evidence of two students ( who shall remain nameless …Aisling and Sophie) trying to kill Ms Hogan and Ms Dawson on the cadabra ride and further on the journey Ms Egan, Ms Hiney and Ms Cagney looking terrified. The staff are still in discussions as to whether these photos should be published or not.

We worked all the food off when we went shopping in Birmingham that afternoon. We arrived back in Coventry to refuel with a really good meal and more chocolate ( this time the unlimited chocolate fudge cake the hotel provided) before we set of to see a wonderful performance of Hamlet. This was really exciting because we got to see it at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre where we had done our backstage tour the day before.

On Friday we said goodbye to the ghosts of the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry and to all it’s lovely food. We burst through the gates at Alton Towers on schedule and nobody even noticed that it was freezing because we must have covered about 1000 kilometres between us running from ride to ride non-stop.

When all the rides were closed and all the other exhausted visitors wearily made their way to the exit our Beaufort girls had a surprise in store for them. The girls made everybody’s day with their impromptu medley of Grease songs. They energised everybody around with their spirit and joy.

We made another unscheduled stop to the cinema that evening and finally made it back to Holyhead for an over night ferry crossing home.

The trip was very eventful and busy but full credit to the girls who were always on time and cheerful. I think Ms Hogan’s group win the prize for always being back on time first but Ms Hiney and Ms Egan’s group come a close second. Ms Cagney’s group should really get a prize as well though for always finding each other before Ms Cagney even knew it was time to find each other 🙂 Ms Dawson’s group were the loudest chanters. Well done Dawsons Creek!

The girls were a credit to the school and themselves. Everybody we came across was genuinely delighted to have met them and commented to us on how lovely they were. Thanks to Ms Harding for organising the trip.

Hope you all had as a good a time as we did 🙂

“to be or not to be that is the question” …..

…..and we certainly were!

Ms Cagney







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