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On Thursday 29th of November, 2Q went on a trip to the Dáil. On that morning we all set out on the bus. Everyone was so excited! We couldn’t wait until we got there. When we reached our destination, we were ushered inside.


Our first treat of the day was to see TDs in action. It was a very interesting debate and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Our tour guide led us onto the landing and showed us all of the paintings of the past Taoiseachs. He told us many amazing facts about the house and those who lived in it.


Then we were lead to the Seanad where we watched a discussion of great importance. We were thrilled to have witnessed the inner workings of our government.


We then met a member of government buildings that we had contacted previously. She seemed delighted to show us around the areas not usually accessible to the public.


We were then honoured to have the privilege of meeting the Taoiseach himself, Enda Kenny! He was a very amiable man who answered all of our questions with great enthusiasm.


Going to the Dáil was such a great and inspiring experience, everyone would jump at the opportunity to go again.


By Anna Sweeney, Rebecca Treanor and Elaine Ryan

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