1st Year Trip To Pine Forest

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On a bright sunny day in October 5th the first years went on a day outing to The Pine Forest Art Centre.  They were then involved in a series of activities that included a hike up the mountain, making Halloween decorations and other art related fun.

It was a great way to get to know each other and to make new friends while learning new skills.  The girls were accompanied by the 4 senior prefects who seemed to enjoy the day as  much if not more than the first years.  They were also joined by Ms. Cullinan, Ms.McDowell, Ms O’Higgins and Mika our visitor from Germany.

Much fun was had as all of us struggled to make various art work.  At last it was time to go and reluctantly we climbed aboard the buses to go home. We arrived back at Beaufort a little muddy, hungry and tired but having enjoyed the day very much

Ms. M.McDowell

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