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This week the Beaufort Bubble received a touch of magical excellence as we embraced the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to raise funds for our sister school, Loreto Rumbek in South Sudan.
The week started with a bang with readings of Harry Potter in the magically decorated library on Monday and Tuesday at lunchtime. Many attended to hear the 4th years give a wonderful reading. Thank you to the 4th year Gaisce girls and the librarians for their outstanding hard work throughout the week.
A quizzage, in light of the magical game quidditch, took place in the supervision room at lunch time on Wednesday. Two teams in each year eagerly took part. The girls really rose to the demanding challenge laid down by the almighty quiz master.
With the spirit of the week brewing in a cauldron of literary delights, Thursday saw a great book swap take place in the library at lunch.
As the magic levels explode in a flurry of spell casting and potion brewing, the highlight of the week is nearly upon us. The students will apparate into the enchanting great hall for the costume competition which is the final chance to win house points for the inter-year competition. The students and staff will finally receive their long awaited Hogwarts admittance letters and will be transformed into magical beings and creatures.
On behalf of the senior prefects, we would like to thank the entire school community for really coming together to raise sufficient funds for our sister school, Loreto Rumbek. During the week, much enthusiasm was shown by all, especially in our D.E.A.R.- Drop Everything And Read which was for 15 minutes every day. We hope everyone continues with the magical spirit of the week.
It’s been a week to remember unless you’ve taken a forgetful potion!
Cara O’Shea and Moira O’Connor 6th Year
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