1st Year Retreat

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First year students enjoyed their first Beaufort retreat last week. The retreat was led by Chaplain, Ms. Niamh Donohue. Each individual class worked in groups and reflected on the importance of Mary Ward and Teresa Ball. The girls reflected individually on how they can be better friends, daughters, pupils, etc. A highlight for the girls was visiting Mother Teresa Ball’s grave beside Loreto Abbey House. All of the first years also prayed at some of the other Loreto Sisters graves whom have passed away and we prayed in thanksgiving for all that they have accomplished in the Loreto community.

The girls also shared in the group their interpretation of what it means to be ‘Salt of the earth and light of the World’. A number of the girls felt that they can be lights of the world by being good people and looking out for one another.

The retreat concluded with prayer time in the Oratory! An enjoyable day was had by all.


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